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Weight Gain Hormones-and ways to heal them

Are you exercising regularly and keeping a strict check over what you eat, yet being unable to lose any weight?

Well, maybe your hormones are out of knack, here’s how and what you can do to get them back on track.

Eating healthy and exercising frequently play an important role in the factors of weight gain or weight loss, however recent studies have also linked many hormones for putting on or dropping weight, so if these hormones are out of wack in your body as they are in most of us thanks to our lifestyles, you may need to bring them under control and back on track for losing that stubborn weight which you just cant seem to lose no matter what you do or the amount of effort you invest into  your diets and exercise regimen. Many of us already know about the major hormones affecting our weight like insulin and thyroid, but there are many subtle ones that may be wreaking your goals.


Estrogen is the hormone that gives you breasts and hips and it lubricates the joints, the amount the estrogen in more in women than it is in men.Estrogen is the hormone that responds to anything that we eat or drink,to put it more simply, estrogen is the reason why weight loss is much harder for women than it is for men.

How to heal Estrogen Imbalance

Eat about a pound of vegetables every day, focusing on getting at least 45 grams fiber from the vegetables, then gradually increasing about 5 grams everyday till you reach your goal. Not only will this increase the amount of vegetables in your diet , it will reduce out the meat if you consume it.


Insulin is the hormone that controls the blood sugar levels, the absence of the dame leads to a condition called diabetes. Studies indicate that almost all of us have a slight diabetes, thanks to our diets loaded with sugars and processed foods.When you are skinny fat or overweight your insulin is imbalanced and your body develops what is called insulin resistance.This leads to your sugars being converted to fats.

How to heal Insulin Resistance

A low glycemic diet can help keep the sugar levels low,but a sure way to heal insulin resistance in the body is by consuming two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water before a heavy meal.Its shown to keep you fuller for longer and keep your blood sugars in check.


Our bodies produce corsitol in response to the stress we produce, and lets admit it, most of us do run around stressed almost all the time.

How to heal overabundance of Corsitol

Kick the coffee, caffeine is one of the major reasons for high amount of corsitol in our bodies , gently switch to half caf then to decaf and then over to green tea.